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Marketing and Event Videos from Small Moments Productions
Providing high quality commercials for businesses and event videos for clients.


Small Moments Productions offer high quality professional commercials for businesses of any size. Our producers will help you craft your message and utilize all of your assets to make the most effective commercial possible. Along with shooting with out 4K and high frame rate cameras, we can make use of social media video already used by your company. The commercials created for your business is perfect for posting on your website, advertising online, or commercial spots on television.

Marketing Campaigns

For businesses and companies looking to advance their message from various angles, Small Moments Productions offer marketing campaigns that reach the different demographics of your customers. Utilizing all of our shoots and edit sessions, we can create different videos to reach customers, investors, and other partners that can be released over a time period with the same theme. Testimonials are also available. Our producers will work with you to craft your message that goes deeper than a regular commercial. Borrowing strategies from our features department, these campaigns can give a cinematic feel that advances any commercial you will see on television.

Videos for Events

Is your business or company hosting an outing, a week-long event, or retreat? Small Moments Productions can help you recapture it to show from exectuives to customers. Followng a documentary formula, these events are captured from the view of the participants, providing a point of view from the viewer as if they were actually attending. These videos are also a great way to relive fun events. Similar to weddings and other special occasions, we can capture these moments in the same quality and expectations from our customers.
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